Some of Peter Howard's Poems

In at the Deep End
Death in the Afternoon
Dear Folks,
Poetry for Scientists
Cat in Hell's
The Motorist
The Education of Adolescent Girls
Donor Card - A Decision
The Visit
Crazy Joe's Painting
Think Carefully,
Word of Honour
A Clear Voice (part of Midwinter Fair)
Weighing the Air
The Snow Queen
Francesca Diffracted
A Summer Evening
Waddon Marsh Halt
A Sonnet Called Sonnet

One Second Before Waking
The Last Science Lecture
Last Recorded Transmission
Terminally Registered Dispatch
Deadly Haste Indicator
Rash Toxic Symbolism
68000 Mornings
Light Pressure
In Its Place
Primrose Hill
Drawing up the Borders
Extraordinary Meeting
Love Letter to Brigitte Helm
A Poppy
This is a no smoking zone
The Uses of Mown Grass
The Construction of the Tomahawk

KidsTuff Poetry for children with illustrations by Andrea McKenzie