Rash Toxic Symbolism

(This is the poem Deadly Haste Indicator after having been subjected to a thesaurus and further modification.)

Require this as a hot, bizarre possession.
Disperse illusions of a grand, outlandish
jigsaw of sounds which justify obsession:
the need to own a sapphire studded standish.

The boundless swelling of a unique progeny
persists, although the heart, with seasoned plastic,
a frosty air, takes notice of ontogeny:
slight, urbane threads of serious elastic.

Knowledge entails a clandestine, cheap coronet
to heighten and arrange the fashion figure.
We sparkle, shrouded in a cool, dispassionate
Indifference to intellectual rigour.

Promiscuous, superfluous, tempestuous,
am I involved, and is this now incestuous?

© Peter Howard

first published in Envoi 1996