In at the Deep End

written by, and read by, © Peter Howard; published in Low Probability of Racoons

This is the nearest we can come
To Transcendental Communion with Eternity.

First: Resolution, the will to leap into the unknown.
Second: Conversion of that will to action.
Many fail here, turn back at the brink
Or find their toes cling to the Earth like a mother.

Third requires Transition from this World.
The Time between leaving Earth
And achieving Otherness is both
Timeless and never-ending.

Fourth is Transformation:
Rebirth in a different World.
Limbs have different uses to be learned,
Gravity works in an esoteric way,
Senses of sight and sound have different meanings.

Fifth is Forgetfulness - this is Deceptive
And the errant novice who drinks
Too deep of these waters
May remain here forever.

Sixth is realisation:
The sudden certainty of the Rightness of Up
And the desperate scramble to attain it.

Seventh is the Return.
      The embrace of the mundane,
      The celebration of air,
      The joy of solidity,
      The smell of chlorine in your nostrils,
      The echoes, the hard edge of the swimming pool.