Dear Folks

written by, and read by, © Peter Howard, published in Low Probability of Racoons 1994

This message is marked 'urgent',
This letter's stamped First Class.
Blurt out that story. Spread the tale.
Become a supergrass.

Use postcards, Morse code, telegrams,
Smoke signals, semaphore.
Use lipstick on the tablecloth,
And exercise that jaw:

Articulate your deepest thought,
Convey your wildest dream.
Breathe, whisper, state in measured tones,
Or jabber, gabble, scream!

What happens when the talk breaks down?
I'll give you just one guess:
A bullet with someone's name on it,
A bomb with their address.

So, keep the 'phone wires singing,
And make the ether dance:
You've got to get the news across
To give peace half a chance.

You can't fight while you're talking,
You can't hate quite as much
The person that you're writing to.
Best Wishes.
      (Keep in touch.)