The Joy of Six Quotes   
Praise for Joy of Six...

Glad I could catch your act ... You were terrific.

Billy Collins - US Poet Laureate (2001-2003)

Remarkable, like a great jazz quintet only with voices

Adrian Mitchell - Shadow Poet Laureate

An uplifting performance, nicely paced and orchestrated

George Szirtes - Poet, Translator, Editor, Critic, and Artist

Like spoken music - and it made me laugh too

Mike Newell - Director of 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' and 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'

An exciting and fascinating quick-fire montage of contrasting poems and voices that delighted the packed James Cable Room - such a complete sell-out event that the five poets sitting in the front row waiting to begin were forced to give up their seats.

Michael Laskey - Chairman, The Poetry Trust

Joy of Six was a wow!!! Superb material, superbly performed!

Susan Utting - poet and Late Shift ensemble member

Joy of Six was one of the most exciting features we've had at our reading series so far. The play of voices and styles against one another in the seamless (and clearly harmonious!) ensemble setting was brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed. While each poet's unique voice could be experienced fully, no one voice overshadowed any other, all blending together in service to the fabulous, breathtaking whole. Please let me know when you're next coming to the U.S., as we'd love to have you again. In the meantime, get busy and get yourself a CD made -- New York wants them badly!

Jackie Sheeler - Poetz Calendar

It's hard enough to find poets who can both write well and perform their work effectively. It's hard to find six such poets. It's hard to find six such poets who like each other well enough, or respect each others work enough, to perform well together. It's very very hard to find all this going on at the same time with Cambridge accents thrown in for good measure. I'm not sure this group is even statistically possible but they actually exist. If you haven't seen or heard Joy of Six you are missing the best spoken word ensemble this grizzled veteran of the poetry wars has ever had the privilege of enjoying on either side of the pond.

Angelo Verga - Poet

I had the privilege last night of seeing Peter Howard and the Joy of Six in action last night. WOW! Talk about performance! They were funny, poignant, sexy, and just plain terrific. I had my children with me (couldn't find a babysitter when my husband had to go out of town at the last minute) and they loved it, too.

Cynthia Newcomer - Poet and Writer

The Joy of Six's performance at The Babylon Gallery was both hugely entertaining and deeply thought provoking in equal measure. Much appreciated by the near capacity audience it was a wonderful way to launch our series of 'Voices in the Gallery' events.

Nathan Jones - Events Manager, ADeC

Many thanks for reading at Poetry & Jazz, it was a very enjoyable evening, the audience was delighted with the poetry delivered in such a relaxed and entertaining way, a good polished performance.

Jo Roach - Poetry & Jazz Organiser

Well, I thought you were all brilliant. Quite a few poems I didn't know and those I did seemed fresh in their new presentation. A triumph.

Emily Dening - Poet and Critic

Thank you, one and all, for a fine performance last night. I appreciate the hard work that went into making your performance flow in the poised and balanced way it did. The continual contrast between your individual voices (literal and poetic) kept the whole thing listenable and interesting to the last. ... a stroke of genius.

Peter Salt - Bedfordshire Literature Officer

my thanks for a most enjoyable evening. You've got a very good and balanced programme there, and from all the comments, I know everyone enjoyed it.

Pat Buik - Toddington Poetry Society

Thanks for a terrific performance. It was refreshing to have a performance that was unique and so well conceived. I would recommend Joy of Six to any venue.

Rick Pernod - poet, and director of Exoterica

Poetry uses better words than stories.

Bill Daniel (age 10)

I have had e-mails, phone calls and people stopping me in the street to ask 'when are they coming again?'

Jill Steinberg - Festival Organiser

Thank you for bringing your 'Flirtations' to Llanfyllin. A real treat.

Alex Burden

Noson wych! Diolch am ddod i Llanfyllin.

Sheela Hughes

A memorable evening - enjoyed it a lot. Thanks.

Maddy Scarborough

Noson fendigedig! Diolch o galon! (A wonderful evening - many thanks)

Alison Layland

The juxtaposition of people/ideas/words really really worked. More please

Anne Whitehouse

Very enjoyable thank you!

Pauline Borcher-Glynn

I was just going off for a bike ride when Jenny and Pauline persuaded me to come to your poetry reading and it was well worth it. Let us know when you're doing another.

Cordelia Weedon

A great evening in a small space

Jeni Trythall

Thanks - a great birthday night.

Ruth L.

Brilliant stuff, professionally performed. Very enjoyable.

Sheela Middlehurst

Fantastic! Our first experience of a poetry reading by the actual poets, and we enjoyed it enormously! Thank you all!

Val, Ros, Mair

Hilarious and moving, too.

Carol Rizza


Jan Noyce


Irma Fowler

Wonderful mixture of funny and thoughtful.

Andrea Skivington

I've long since forgotten when I began wandering stumbling and fumbling white cane in hand traveling through hyperspace endlessly searching for keys to the rocket ship fueled up and ready to ride to the stars on words that were worthy of effort would repay in spades the pain of the process it takes one to wade through the slop while tripping on tripe the sweetness of saccharine stuck in my throat the stench of the rot sharp sticks in my eyes to keep me from sleeping with no way of steering while racing at warp-speed the road of the warrior-clan strewn wide with bleached bones and blood-covered bodies of wordsmiths who claimed to have keys to the castle gate keys to the hidden box cradling the grail keys to the rocket ship fueled up and ready to go but few did until I found you.

Bob Millard - cyberspace traveler