a hypertext poem by Peter Howard


Back is an illustrated hypertext poem. To read it, click the link at the bottom of this page. You might want to read this introduction first, though.

Each section of the poem is shown separately. To move from one section to another, click any one of the three links below the text and illustration. The link you choose determines the path you follow through the poem, and each link word gives a clue to what might follow. If you click on the Back link you'll return to this page.

Sometimes you may see a section of the poem you've already read. This is supposed to happen - the poem is partly about juxtapositions, and a section may read differently depending on what you've read before.

At the bottom of the screen you will see an indication of roughly how much of the poem you've read on your current visit.

You will need a browser capable of handling Javascript to view the poem, and to have Javascript enabled.


Some of the text and images may be unsuitable for children. There are a couple of naughty words, and a few mildy rude pictures. More importantly, there are one or two unpleasant pages.


Text copyright Peter Howard.

The images have been gleaned from various places, and I have attempted to ensure that I have any necessary permissions to reproduce them here. I have no wish to infringe anyone's copyright: if there is an image that should be attributed and isn't, or that shouldn't be here at all, please let me know. Where the source of the image is known, it it displayed whenever the image itself appears. The sources include:

Heather Meloche: The Black Rose
Vrå Højskole - photo gallery
MSI -- Chick Hatchery
The Heritage of The Great War
Swedish University Network
XOOM's Free Clip Art Library
Mark Harden's Artchive

So, if you're ready...

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