Low Probability of Racoons


The World Wide Web is an (almost) ideal medium for hypertext poetry, and there are several examples here.

Some of these require Macromedia Flash for viewing. If you don't have it, you can download it now by clicking the graphic...

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My other site, with more Flash pieces.

Subatomic and Particle Poetry
A web version of a presentation, hosted by WordCircuits

Small poems
A gallery of little flash poems, first published in Boomerang

This is my skin. Caress it very slowly and gently...

Like Smoke
A Flash poem

Normal Now
Another Flash poem, first published in Snakeskin

Intersperse and Ugly
Two Flash poems of mine, hosted at Beehive

My contribution to Reiner Strasser's Project Hope

Flash Haiku Generator
A Flash version of my haiku generator. May be a bit more stable than the Javascript one further down the page

A Flash piece hosted by WordCircuits.

Peter Howard
Just my name, with some Flash 5 animation...
(Music copyright Rob Kirkwood.)

Portrait of the Artist...
Very weird, by my standards. Needs Flash 5

The Rainbow Factory
A black comedy

A Valentine
An animated interactive valentine that says it all. (Hint: move the cursor and you'll get the message.)

Scary Birds
Watch them hurl themselves at the screen trying to get out. Drag the bird scarer to chase them away.

A Poppy
A new hypertext version of my poem "A Poppy" using Macromedia Flash.

Peter's Haiku Generator
Javascript haiku and tanka generating program

What You Want
My first work using Macromedia Flash.

Midwinter Fair
The multi-author hypertext poem Midwinter Fair

The Darkness of Summer
Part murder mystery, part apocalyptic...

Joining Midwinter Fair
How to join in the Midwinter Fair hypertext poem

Poetry Engine
This is my Javascript program for generating random poems.

Millennium - a Javascript poem.

Back - an illustrated hypertext poem.

Triptych is a hypertext written for a Kettle's Yard Gallery hypertext project.

Diarise: Paved with Gold
You can see the complete Kettle's Yard project from here.