Not poetry, but interesting anyway

Art on the Net
(what it says)

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

(British Library)

(Where I work)

The WWW Bible Gateway
(with a good search engine)

Gödel, Escher, Bach
(recreational mathematics links)

Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
(see these people for animated gif software)

PhysicsWeb Home Page
(The Institute of Physics)

Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site
(discover your teperament and character)

The Official String Theory Web Site
(string theory for beginners)

The Automobile Association
(UK motoring organisation)

(another UK motoring organisation)

Train Timetables On-line

The Independent
(UK newspaper)

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

artFUTURE Home
(futuristic art links)

(Beautiful interactive designs)

The Easter Egg Archive
(hidden secrets in software etc)

Bembo's Zoo
(nice Flash site)

Old English Computer Glossary
(a lot of fun - believe me)

The Register
(IT news)

Acronym Finder

Earth Impact Effects Program
what happens when a meteor strikes