Individual Poets on the Web

Reflective poems by songwriter L. Ward Abel

Alan Reynolds poetry
(re-vamped site with good poetry)

Darran Anderson
Darran's blog-style site

(some good poetry here)

Official Website of British Poet Ben Barton
(prolific young poet)

Mindings - The poetry of Philip G. Bell
(Humour, lots of stuff for kids)
(beautiful, formal poetry)

Richard Burns
Poems by Richard Burns

The Butler Pennsylvania Poems
The poetry of Charles L. Cingolani

Life Soup
(the poems of Maggie Butt)

A Buzz on the Razor Wire
(odd but interesting)

Jared Carter Poetry
Nicely presented poems

Poetry by Nicholas Coleman, and links.
(also some poems by his sister, Christine)

Jon Corelis
An exceptionally good poet and translator

Alison Croggon
(award-winning Australian poet)

Lynx: Poetry from Bath
(Douglas Clark's site, with some good poets here, including Dorothy Nimmo)

(Some excellent dynamic and hypertext poetry from Steve Duffy)

The Spotted Wall - Bill Devlin's Poetry and Couplets
Quirky, epigrammatic stuff

Ragged Edge
(K.M. Dersley's poems and essays)

Gerald England's homepage
(the editor of New Hope International magazine)

Paris 7714
(some interesting poems)

Index of music,poetry,watercolors,conceptual art
(Jonathan FeBland's poems - mainly for children

Peter Finch Poet
(Innovative Welsh poet on the Web)

Offbeat stuff from Victor Valdavieso

Fragmented Light
(Some not bad haiku - lots of themes)

Matthew Francis - Poetry and Fiction
(Some excellent poems from this Faber'd poet.)

Mark Gallacher - A Scotsman in a flat land
A small selection of fine poems

Experimental writing from Paul A. Green

Helen Hagemann's Poetry

( Dylan Harris - some interesting stuff here)

Steven Herrick - Children's poet
(excellent poetry for children and adults)

The Richard Hugo Page
(Interesting poems of place)

LoveSettlement the poetry of Glenn Ingersoll
Interesting stuff

A.B. Jackson
Good stuff from Anvil-published poet

the wall
(Larry Jaffe's homepage - pretty wild)

Robert Kendall's Home Page
(excellent poetry and articles on multimedia)

David Kennedy's Home Page
(poetry and criticism - good stuff)

R.D. Laing the Musical and Other Everyday Epiphanies
(remarkable long poem by Christopher George Kypreos)

Layne Russell Home Page
(Looking good)

Inlet Outlet and other poetry by Wayne Leman

Literary Comments
Poems by Daniel E. Levenson

A Little Poetry
(Tracee's well-produced magazine-style page with lots to see)

Lloyd Fletcher's Poetry Gateway
Skillful and witty

Frank L Ludwig
Accomplished poet
(beautifully designed site with poetry by Roddy Lumsden and Tamar Yoseloff)

Martin's Dreams
(seductive blend of words images and music - mildly erotic)

Shepherds and Shamans - poetry by Ronald Oliver
Powerful and explicit gay poetry

Ardent Assassin
more strong gay poetry from Ronald Oliver - an excellent sequence

(Jerry Jenkins' new site)

(variable quality but some nice artwork)

The Poetry Resource/Patrick Martin: The Web Page
(some poems, and lots of links)

Paul St John Mackintosh Home Page
(Includes the imagistic and sonorous "The Golden Age")

Ric Masten Presentations - SunInk Publications
(Ric and others - some good stuff)

("I hope others will come to love the poems of Mbembe as much as I have."--Pat Huyett)

Glimpses of Wessex
Paul McCombie's pastoral poems

Poems By Gill McEvoy
A small collection of well-crafted poems

Peter Nicholson
(seriously good Australian poet)

37 Poems of Lucius Furius
(some interesting stuff here)

Stephen Oliver
Good stuff from this New Zealand born poet

Nigel McLoughlin
Good poetry from Northern Ireland

Frank Parker
(influential and innovative minimalist poet)

Poetry Super Highway
(Rick Lupert's page with guest poets and a MAJOR link set)

Erminia Passannanti
(Home page of the enigmatic Oxford-based poet)

Glen Phillips' poetry

Fiona Pitt-Kethley
Selected Poems out from Salt soon

A place up north
(Andrew Prokop and others)

Dee Rimbaud
Includes a directory of over 2000 literary mags and publishers

Neil Rollinson
Excellent site with poems and MP3 recordings from this National Poetry Competition winner.

The Criminal Life of Effie O.
Sam Savage's illustrated seriocomic novel in verse

Frances Arnett Sbrocchi's Poetry

Poems by Norfolk Poet Cameron Self
Good stuff from a versatile poet

(good poems from Mike Schertzer)

owen sheers
(Gregory Award winning poet from Wales with a well-produced site with some (but not enough) examples of his work.)

Kenneth Sherman
(excellent Canadian poet)

L.S. Shevshenko
(Interesting, some surreal stuff)

Ernest Slyman's Homepage
(some excellent stuff here)

Subatomic Poetry
My occasional blog about sound poetry

Susie Smith's site
(poems and stories)

(Powerful poetry from Gavin)

The Internet Poetry Site Of Doug Tanoury
Good selection of e-books in pdf format

Taverner's Koans
(Strange (but worthwhile) poetry and entertaining articles)

Adam Taylor's Poetry Place
(Humorous poetry from Adam Taylor)

Tirra Lirra -- poetry, stories, and meditations
(interesting Australian poetry)

trombone poetry
poems by Paul Taylor

(some pretty good ones)

Vance Briceland's Home Page
(Entertaining home page with fun links)

paulhenrywales's Home Page
(Paul Henry's excellent poetry)

Richard Zola
I have the impression that he wouldn't mind my saying that these poems are bizarre