Hypertext Poetry and Web Art

Hypertext poetry means different things to different people.
These links show a variety of approaches. The quality of the poetry is variable.
The links here all have some connection with the written word, though.

Changing technology means some pieces may no longer work as
originally intended.

Ana Maria Uribe - Poesia visual
(beautiful animated poetry)

The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks
(It has to be worth it, just for the name. A very interesting multi-author hypertext.)

Click Poetry
(Interesting mix of sound and vision)

...Daddy Liked his with Heart...
(Excellent blend of word, sound and image from Jennifer Ley)

Endless Poetry
Thousands of random poems

The Gates of Paradise
David Daniels' subtantial work of visual poems.

I'Ching Poetry Generator
dynamic poetry based on I'Ching

Jim Rosenberg's Home Page
(using a technique he calls 'intergrams')

Midwinter Fair
(My hypertext poem, now spread to other sites and authors)

UbuWeb kindly asks you to please enliven your screen
(Imaginative sound and concrete poetry)

Indra's Net Home Page
(Scholarly hypertext theory and examples)

(A remarkable and ambitious hypertext by Mark Amerika)

excellent multimedia work

SNAKESKIN poetry webzine : The Maze of Mirrors
(brilliant hypertext)

Talan Memmott is the winner of the 2nd trAce/Alt-X new media competition.

(in-your-face animated poetry)

Edward Picot
hyperliterature and essays

Poetic Evolution
Flash animations from Lee-Anne Grunwald

Shakepeare Sonnet Puzzle
Get the right lines to make a Shakespeare sonnet

The Hyperliterature Exchange
Hyperliterature for sale

Multi-media work composed on a five week freighter journey. Well worth a look.

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