The Education of Adolescent Girls

As irresistible as white mice
Smuggled, wriggling beneath a shirt,
It's no surprise

Schoolgirls in general are proud
Of their emergent breasts. They learn
Technique quickly

With reinforcement from male staff.
When the mask slips, like a towel
In the sauna

Attention to detail: precise
Arrangement of button or zip
Heightens effect.

Lessons are assimilated
Easily. This is simple stuff,
Not like Science.

To see the reason, consider
The cleavage of the brightest girl
On the front row.

Such curves fascinate the teacher
Far more than parabolae obtained
From 'Pearls in Air.'

That time, in Chemistry, he brushed
By accident, her chest produced
Sublime results.

His pipe soothes discomfiture
Caused by milky pheromones;
He sucks it hard.

Hear it spoken

© Peter Howard

Commended in the Society of Women Writers and Journalists 1993 Poetry Competition