Archives of Established Poetry

Contemporary American Poetry Archive
various american poems

Columbia University: Project Bartleby
(A selection of mainly established [dead] poets)

The World of Dante
(complete Inferno - VRML generated maps of references)

Ivor Cutler
(The extraordinary Scottish poet)

The Elaine Feinstein Page
(with RealAudio readings and lots of other information)

General Index
(Angus McIntyre's personal selection of classic poems)

Tom Leonard
The brilliant Glaswegian poet - his reading of The 6 O'clock news is not to be missed.

(with seafaring poems amongst other things)

Isle of Lesbos: Lesbian Poetry
(from Sappho to Wordsworth)

LovePoetry: Classic and Submitted Love Poems
(Good classic love poems; unselective submitted stuff)

Lots of poets and poems

Poetry Archive
lots of good poems here - I assume they must have permission

Representative Poetry
(wide range of poets represented, and they managed to find a clean John Wilmot poem!)

Eli Siegel's Poetry
founder of aesthetic realism

Under Milk Wood
Award-winning site, all about Dylan Thomas

Four frames (1/1/2) - Exploring "The Waste Land"
(Hypertext commentary on Eliot's The Waste Land - a good resource for students)

Don Marquis
The creator of Archy & Mehitabel, Freddy the Rat, Warty Bliggens the Toad, The Old Soak