Is it all innocent? No. Where the crowd goes,
cut-purse and pick-pocket aren't far behind.
Here come the whip-jackets, wild rogues, and anglers,
gammoners, mace coves, palliards, priggers,
cloak twitchers, footpads, freebooters, pauls.
Here too is cruelty, taunting and teasing;
here there is gluttony, drunkenness, vice.
This is the haunt of the cardsharps and gamblers:
this is the place where they play games for keeps...
Eyes in the back of your head. Watch your step now.
Pay no attention to short heeled wenches
who call like sirens from Drury Lane.

Where will you go? The streets are a maze here,
dark as an argument, crooked as teeth.
Up in a garret, a clear voice is singing.
Here on the ground, they're closing in fast.