Stalls selling brandy-laced soup, wild mushrooms,
chestnuts and kumquats, hot oyster pies,
mulberries, frazberries, cantaloupes, pig's trotters,
sausages, syllabubs, pizzas and cream,
kiwi fruit fools with roast beef and chocolate,
horseradish fricassee, frumenty, beans,
cornflakes and cabbages, peach melbas, artichokes,
bacon and strawberries, larks tongues with sauce,
caviar, witchetty, yogurt, braised hedgehogs,

puree of peppermint, saffron and cheese,
prunes, coriander, boiled truffles, chapatis,
pitta bread, coddled eggs, squid rings, Swiss roll,
carrot and cranberry soup, ice cream, lemon curd,
curried limes, coconut, croissants, quails eggs,
jugged hare jalousie, red peppers in oil, with an
elderflower, hazelnut, albatross pie,
pork-pies, shallots, gherkins, locusts and honey,
and to wash it all down we'll need something to drink.