Peter's Haiku Generator

This Javascript program generates either haiku or tanka, as you prefer. The poems normally adhere strictly to the syllabic contraints of those forms, though occasionally the program will determine that its creativity cannot be so fettered, and it will produce a poem that breaks the rules. If you're presented with a 27 syllable haiku, count yourself lucky - it doesn't happen often.

To continue, click the 'Please begin' button. Then click the 'New Haiku' or 'New Tanka' button as your whim takes you. You may also select the vocabulary the generator uses.

Please Note:Some people have reported that they get a result consisting only of the word 'undefined' repeated several times. I am working on ways of fixing this intermittent bug, but it's difficult, because it only happens to some people, and it doesn't happen to me. If you encounter this (or any other) bug, I would be very grateful if you would let me know.

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