The Interpreter's House

an animation by © Peter Howard 2001
Sounds courtesy © deusX, images from © Art Explosion
This was created in Macromedia Flash, converted to mp4 in 2020

This movie contains seven scenes based on the rooms Christian is shown when he enters The Interpreter's House in John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress. My movie is not a reconstruction or interpretation of Bunyan's work. I took his description as a starting point, and then went wherever my imagination took me. Some of the scenes may make more sense if you know the book; others may make less. If you want to refer to Bunyan's text and don't have a copy handy, here is an extract.

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Flash version: Some of the scenes are 'linear' and play straight through; others have a degree of interaction. If you get stuck, here are some hints.
mp4 version: everything plays straight through!